Coffee Taster's Compendium V2.0 - Mobi-Kindle

Coffee Taster's Compendium V2.0 - Mobi-Kindle

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The Coffee Tasters Compendium is a curated collection of knowledge, lessons and notes on coffee distilled from my years as a roaster and a cupper. Years of tasting and analyzing coffee and attaining my certification as a Q Grader refined and tuned this information into this work. This compendium can be used for coffee professionals as a reference as well as for informal settings where enthusiasts want to learn about and discover great coffees. This work will answer some of those lingering questions on coffee cupping and coffee origins while building a stronger foundation of sensory skills and improving your general knowledge of coffee.

This work is intended to be a stepping-stone for novice and experienced cuppers to set out on a greater journey within coffee. It will work well used as a reference for standard practices, terminology, and techniques for successfully evaluating a coffee. To benefit from this compendium, it is assumed that you have attended a public tasting or professional cupping at least once, you have evaluated coffees, and you understand not all coffee is the same.

Gaining an understanding of coffee can come from no video, book, or class. It comes from drinking it, tasting it, enjoying the great coffees, and discovering the bad ones.

Changes in This Edition

With a year of feedback, a rapidly developing coffee scene, and changes to the way the specialty coffee community communicates results, a second edition was necessary. This edition contains new coffee producing origins, tasting updates, new strategies for improving your palate, and fixes small typos both my editor and I missed in the first edition. There are also formatting changes, new footnotes and sources, and a plethora of stunning images from around the coffee world.

Author: Andrew Russo, Contributing Author: Andy Newbom