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“Coffee Spanish” is the language of coffee. This is a field guide for English or Spanish speaking coffee professionals who want to learn more. Learn the language of Coffee.

The Coffee Lifers Are Dead

For everything there is a time and a season. For Nanelle and I that season started in 2001.
And ends today.

The coffee lifers are dead. We are calling it quits after almost 17 years of living and breathing coffee. We are selling off all of our massive pile of coffee equipment and supplies. We are officially hanging up our coffee hats and turning it over to all of you. We are deeply saddened yet deeply honored. Our lives are forever changed for the better for our 17 years in coffee. We have friends all over the globe. We have helped scores of great coffee people start their own coffee businesses. We have strived to make a positive impact.

But every good thing must come to an end. We are passing the torch onto the next generation. That's likely you. 

This will be the last time you can buy this book. Once it is gone it is gone forever. Thank you 1 million times for all the love, the memories and for being so willing to change the world for the better via coffee.

thank you.
Andy and Nanelle Newbom 

Coffee Spanish for Every Latin American Country

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Coffee Knowledge


“This is a wonderful tool for any coffee professional. Whether your native tongue is English or Spanish you will benefit greatly from this work. As a coffee professional, if you're quiet and conservative this book will give you a boost of confidence, if you are more of a leaper and prefer learning by mistakes, Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers will help you look a bit more polished. Either way you will be on your way to becoming a better coffee person.”

Edwin Martinez - Finca Vista Hermosa

 The first thing I thought when Andy Newbom told me about the book he co-wrote with Andrew Russo was, why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? A Field Guide to Coffee Spanish, is perhaps the most important book for coffee buyers on the market right now.

Sarah Allen - Barista Magazine

Traveling to origin to purchase coffees can be difficult, where dialectical eccentricities abound. But the new book from BGA co-founder Andy Newbom and Andrew Russo of Russo Roasts Coffee consultancy looks to make the process a little easier.

Zachary Carlsen - Sprudge

“Describing quality and the processes and controls that create it, requires language.  While English may be the language of commerce, Spanish is the language of coffee.  This book is a tremendous resource that could prove to be the secret ingredient in sourcing a delicious coffee or avoiding a major trading pitfall.”

Phil Beattie, Green Coffee Buyer, Dillanos Coffee

"An approachable exploration of the Latin American coffee scene that transcends the challenges of language barriers. More than a straightforward dictionary of translations, this field guide incorporates cultural context in a range of coffee producing countries. A useful quick reference tool for the experienced coffee buyer and an invaluable introductory resource for those new to sourcing."

Ted Stachura, Green Coffee Buyer, Equator Coffee

“The way in which this book collates information about major producing countries, both in terms of objective and experiential information is extremely helpful. In addition, the Spanish phrases and explanation about grading, weights, and measures makes this a must have resource for anyone buying or roasting coffee from Latin America. Seriously kick ass guys!”

Rob Hoos, Coffee Consultant & Author